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An introduction to Social Workin It

Hello there! My name is Tina Cumby. I am a Social Worker and this is my very first blog and my very first blog post. Yay! Thanks for stopping by.

I wanted to start a blog for other Social Workers and mental health professionals (and anyone else who is interested in these topics, of course). My goal is to share resources and insights that I have found helpful on my journey as a Social Worker and to create a space where professionals can come together to share ideas and talk about the challenges and opportunities in our field of work and, honestly, in the world in general.

My hope is that we can come together in community and connection and grow personally and professionally (and even share in some laughter). Having said that, I believe in creating a safer space where we can openly discuss things without fear of harsh judgment and public shaming. We should feel able to challenge each others’ ideas. I hope we can do so professionally, beginning from a place of compassion and the genuine belief that we are all trying to do our best, and that it’s okay to make mistakes without being canceled with zero chance of redemption. This means being careful when we both give and receive feedback.

When giving feedback, I try my best to aim for calling in, rather than calling out, whenever possible. Check out the linked article for more information about this concept from Everyday Feminism.

Also, I really like the idea (and acronym) of THINK before you speak:

Poster that reads: "Think before you speak" with the acronym "T H I N K." T, is it true? H, is it helpful? I, is it inspiring? N, is it necessary? K, is it kind?

When receiving feedback, I try my best to reflect before I react. It’s hard being told that we did something harmful but it’s also necessary. Check out the linked article for some other tips on receiving feedback from, you guessed it, Everyday Feminism. Also, how great is Everyday Feminism? They have a helpful article for every situation, amirite?

Overall, I hope to create a space that is engaging, informative, interesting, helpful, and (above all else) inclusive and accessible. And I really hope to learn from all of you, so please engage with me! What topics are you most interested in hearing about and/or discussing? Leave a comment below.

I guess that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to connecting with you. And don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to get email notifications when new posts are available.


Tina Cumby, MSW, RSW
Tina Cumby, MSW, RSW

Tina Cumby, MSW, RSW, is an independent writer and creator of free content for mental health professionals. She has been employed as a social worker for four years and has another year of case management and policy development experience. She works primarily with adults living at the intersections of poverty, disability, and trauma at all levels of practice (micro, mezzo, and macro). Tina is particularly well versed in social work case management and student supervision.

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